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Some Statistics about Referrals:

  • Less than 15% of ALL salespeople generate enough high quality referrals to significantly impact their income
  • Less than 30% of ALL salespeople even ask for referrals
  • Salespeople who generate at least 25% of their business from referrals make on average more than 4 times the amount of salespeople who don’t generate at least 25% of their business from referrals
  • A high quality referred prospect is more than 40 times more likely to buy than a cold called prospect
What Do You Mean? I Get Referrals

Well, first we have to define our terms. What do I mean by succeeding with referrals when almost anyone who asks enough clients will get an occasion name and phone number?

To me getting a name and phone number is NOT getting a referral. Anyone can get a name and phone number. In fact, that’s exactly what most salespeople get when they ask for a referral–just a name and phone number. Virtually worthless, certainly not a referral.

A referral is a DIRECT INTRODUCTION to someone who has a
want or need
for your product or service.

That’s a far cry from the name and phone number most salespeople get–if they get anything.

Why Most Salespeople Don’t Get Quality Referrals

Most salespeople, professionals and business owners don’t get quality referrals because they have never been taught HOW to get quality referrals.

The “referral training” most of us have gotten is a variation of “do a good job and ask for referrals.

That training is more than worthless because:

  • It discourages clients giving referrals instead of encouraging them to give referrals
  • It discourages salespeople from asking instead of encouraging them to ask
  • It delivers the wrong message to the client because it delivers a salesperson centered message instead of a client centered message

If you are in the financial services industry, you’ve probably been taught an even worse way to ask–some version of the “I get paid two ways” method of asking for referrals. Not only is that method even more salesperson centered, it verbally tells the client that they owe you referrals and clients know that they don’t owe you squat.

Referrals Aren’t a Question–They’re a Disciplined Process

Top referral selling salespeople don’t ask for referrals. They use a disciplined process that results in generating a large number of high quality referrals from each of their clients.

They understand that referrals are just like any other part of the sales process that must be learned and the skills honed to be successful.

Referrals are the Most Neglected Part of Selling

Although the single most effective and efficient method of finding and connecting with prospects there is, referrals have been totally neglected in the past. No one has taken the time to study how referrals can really be generated. No one has thought to treat referrals like every other aspect of selling.

Every aspect of the sales process has been studied to death. Cold calling has been analyzed and the psychology of the cold call studied by hundreds of trainers. Overcoming objections, closing, the sales process itself, the questions you should ask, and every other aspect of |selling has been studied in detail.

Yet the single most important marketing tool a salesperson has never gotten past the “do a |job and ask for referrals” stage even though it has been known for decades that that “system” doesn’t work.

Finally There is a Real, Workable, Effective, Proven Referral Process

That is until now. Finally someone has analyzed the way the top referral selling salespeople generate their huge volume or high quality referrals. Would it surprise you to learn that they don’t get their huge volume of high quality referrals by doing what everyone else is doing? I’m sure it doesn’t.

I’ve studied the referral process used by 4 dozen true million dollar a year income sales superstars and I’ve created the PWWR Referral Generation System based on the best practices these super producers use.

What do they do that’s so different from everyone else yet so effective?



  • Make referrals a priority in their sales process
  • Let the client know right up front they are referral-based
  • Get agreement from their client to give referrals after the sale
  • Let the client know how many referrals they expect
  • Let the client know why giving referrals is in the client’s best interests
  • Make giving a large number of high quality referrals easy for the client–they do the work for the client
  • Don’t get names and phone numbers–they get direct introductions to the prospect
  • Keep getting more and more high quality referrals year after year from the same client

You Can Double, Triple, Even Quadruple Your Income in Months

These super producer men and women make huge incomes from their sales businesses. Each makes a minimum of a million dollars a year–one makes over six million. And each of them generate anywhere to 60 to 90% of their buisness from referrals from their clients.

You can learn and implement the exact process they use–and get the same kind of results. Maybe you’ll never make a million dollars a year–but you can double, triple, quadruple or more
your income.

How to Learn the System

There are a number of ways you can begin to learn the PWWR Referral Generation System. The basics of the system are presented in my best-selling book, Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income: Sales Success through Client Referrals, which you can purchase on this site here or at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any quality bookstore.

You register for one of my webinars here.

You can engage my services as a private coach here.

In addition, in the Free Resources section you’ll find a number of articles that talk about various aspects of the process.